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Customer Permissions Guide

Customers Integrations
January 22, 2020

You can access the page for changing customer permissions by clicking on the "Permissions" link under "ADMIN -> Customers" in the side menu.

Customers in Helpviser are divided into four groups according to their statuses:

  • Public: The visitors who are not logged in to your portal.
  • Logged in: The visitors who are signed-up and logged in to your system but has no verification for any purchase of your products. Customers with expired support is also included in this group.
  • Purchased: Your customers who's purchase has been verified. Customers can verify their purchase either by the "Envato Login" button or if they enter their purchase code. Customers with expired support is included in this group.
  • Supported: This is the group of customers who have verified their purchase and are still supported according to the data coming from Envato about the support period.

With the customer permission settings, you can choose which part of your portal your customers can view or use. For example, if you choose that only supported customers can submit support tickets, you should remove the checkboxes from "Purchased" and "Logged In" for "Submit Ticket". If you want any other group to submit a ticket just check their related boxes.

The same rule applies for the other parts of the portal as shown above.

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