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General Insights Guide

Insights Integrations
January 20, 2020

This page is for comparing multiple data on the same table. The link to this page is in the side menu.

You can compare the Envato insights data with other details such as number of tickets, Google Analytics data, number of sales, earning and many more, within a specific time period.

As a sample case, you can compare your earnings with number of sessions on your product page. Or you can display number of sales and number of tickets on the same chart and see the correlation.

Metrics can be restricted by products, marketplaces, support agent and countries. After adding metrics you can change the time period to filter the chart. Here is the list of available metrics:


Number of Sales

Number of Refunds

Product Comments



Thread Replies and Comments

Registered Customers

and Google Analytics which includes:


New Users


Number of Sessions per User

Page Views

Pages / Session

Avg. Session Duration

Bounce Rate

Number of Sessions per User

Exit Rate

You can link any Google Analytics account (How to integrate your website / product page Google Analytics data to Helpviser). If you link the Analytics account of your Envato product pages, you can compare all these parameters with the traffic of your product page.

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