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February 13, 2020

If you haven't yet created an Helpviser account, please checkout this article for account sign-up instructions:

Sign-up Guide

If you have newly created a Helpviser account, first you'll need to configure your branding and homepage settings:

Branding Settings Guide

Homepage Settings Guide

If you'd like your customers to login to Helpviser with the "Login with Envato" button, please check the article below:

Guide to Customer Verification with Envato Login

If you have a "Ticksy" account and you want to transfer all your tickets and customer data to your Helpviser account, please follow this article:

How to Import Ticket & Customer Data from Ticksy

If you want to learn more about how customer or agent permissions in Helpviser work, please read the following articles:

Agent Permissions Guide

Customer Permissions Guide

If you want to set which Envato products you provide support for, or if you want to give a shorter or prettier name to your Envato products (different from your Envato marketplace product name), please read this article to see how:

Managing Products

If you'd like to see how the Ticket System works, follow this article:

Managing Your Tickets

If you'd like to know how "Subjects" in Helpviser work, please read these articles:

Creating Subjects for Tickets

Creating Subjects for Knowledge Base

Creating Subjects for Community Portal

With Helpviser, you can analyze your Envato sales with a user-friendly interface. To see how it works, please follow this link:

Sales Report Guide

Also, if you'd like to compare earnings data with number of tickets, comments etc, or any Google Analytics metric, click on the link below to see how it works:

General Insights Guide

If you would like to track your Helpviser public pages with Google Analytics or you want to compare your Google Analytics data with other metrics such as your sales or number of tickets etc, please read these articles to see how:

How to Track Helpviser traffic with Google Analytics

How to Integrate your Website / Product Page Google Analytics Data to Helpviser

If you'd like to use Mailchimp to create mailing lists when your customers signup to your support portal, learn hot to integrate Mailchimp to your Helpviser account here:

Mailchimp integration Guide

If you'd like to receive Slack notifications when there is a new Envato sale, comment or review etc, or when a new ticket or thread is opened in your support portal, learn how to integrate Slack to Helpviser:

How to Receive Slack Notifications for your Helpviser Account

There are still a few more topics to learn if you want learn more about Helpviser features, so please check our Knowledge Base homepage to see all the topics:

Helpviser Knowledge Base

Thank you for reading!

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