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How to Integrate your Website / Product Page Google Analytics Data to Helpviser Insights

Insights Integrations
February 13, 2020

If you integrate your website or product page Google Analytics with Helpviser, you will be able to pull the data to Helpviser and compare this data with other information such as Envato sales or number of tickets etc using the General Insights page. This feature is crucial to analyze and optimize your Envato business and take meaningful actions.

It is very easy to integrate Google Analytics to your Helpviser account. Please follow these steps:

1- Goto your "Settings" page from your "User Menu".

2- Click on the "Google Analytics" tab.

3- Click on the "Connect Google Account" button at the top and follow Google's instructions:

If you see an error such as below;

Click on the "Advanced" link and "Go to (Unsafe)":

The reason for this error is that our app is new and awaiting verification by Google.

Next step, you need to grant Helpviser permission to "View your Google Analytics data". Click on the "Allow" link to continue:

Next, click on the "Allow" button:

Next, select your view ID and click on the "Save" button:

You are all set! You can now display your Google Analytics data on the General Insights page.

Instead of importing your Google Analytics data to your Helpviser, If you'd like to track the traffic of your Helpviser public pages, such as Knowledge Base articles, Community Portal threads, Product pages, Support Homepage etc, please click to learn How to Track Helpviser traffic with Google Analytics.

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