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How to Receive Slack Notifications for your Helpviser Account

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February 13, 2020

Would you like the receive Slack Notifications when there is a new sale or a new comment on Envato and such?

With the great feature of Helpviser, you can receive Slack notifications when a new event has happened in your Envato or Helpviser accounts: The notifications are as follows:

Envato Notifications:

- Product Sales

- Comments for your Products

- Review for your Products

- New Badge on your Envato account

- When a Product is trending or not

Helpviser Notifications:

- New Tickets

- New Threads

In order to receive Slack Notifications for your Envato or Helpviser accounts, please follow the steps below:

1- Goto Slack API

Goto and click on the "Start Building" button:

2- Create a New Slack App

In the new screen, enter the name of your new Slack App and the Workplace you want to use, then click on the "Create App" button:


3- Add Incoming Webhooks Functionality

When your new app is created, click on "Incoming Webhooks" under "Add features and functionality":

4- Activate Incoming Webhooks:

5- Add New Webhook to Workspace

When Incoming Webhooks are activated, goto the bottom of the page and click on "Add New Webhook to Workspace" button:

6- Allow Permissions for your new App

Select the Slack channel you want to receive the notifications and click on the "Allow" button:

7- Copy Webhook URL

Copy the newly created Webhook URL to your clipboard:

8- Paste and save your Webhook URL in Helpviser Settings

Go back to Helpviser and goto "Settings" under your User Menu and click on the "Slack Settings" tab, and paste your copied Webhook URL and click on the "Update Slack Settings" button:

You are all set!

Now you will start to receive Slack notifications regarding your Envato and Helpviser accounts.

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