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Managing Your Tickets

Ticket System
February 13, 2020


You can access all the ticket related pages from the admin menu. There are basically 4 main links under the Tickets menu.

Assigned to me: This page lists only the tickets assigned to you.

Open tickets: On this page, you will see all the open tickets including yours and other agents'.

Starred tickets: You can star any ticket to list them in this page.

Closed Tickets: On this page, you can list all the closed tickets.

There are 2 main headlines on these pages which are "Attention Needed" and "No Attention Needed". As you can see from the headlines, these headings represent the status of the ticket. In general, if the last reply to the ticket is yours, it will appear as "No attention needed", and vice versa if the last reply if by the customer. Ticket status can also be changed while editing the ticket.

In the sidebar of these pages;

You can change the appearance of tickets by clicking on the icons given below,

You can filter the ticket listing trough search queries, products and subjects.

You can also take bulk actions by selecting multiple tickets.

After selecting the tickets, bulk actions options will appear at the bottom the sidebar.


You can change the title of the ticket by clicking over the title inside the ticket details page.

You can add subjects to the tickets by clicking the green "Plus" icon below the title.

By clicking the Reply Ticket button, you can access the editor.

The icons at the top of the editor represent respectively:

1- Bold

2- Italic

3- Add a Link

4- Add an Image

5- Embed a Video

6- Add a Code Block

7- Quick Responses

8- Add an Attachment

You can edit/delete any of your or customer's replies by clicking the icons given below:

The green double checks icon means your reply is read by the customer. Read receipt feature is not visible for customers.

In the sidebar of the ticket page;

You will see the:

- Product that the customer is having a question about

- Status that you can change

- Website URL that the customer is using your product on

- Country info

- Support Details

- License Type

- Number of open and closed tickets of the customer

- Review

- Envato username

You can also add ticket notes:

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