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Getting Started Guide

If you haven't yet created an Helpviser account, please checkout this article for account sign-up instructions:Sign-up GuideIf you have newly created a Helpviser account, first you'll need to config...

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Customer Details

The customer profile consists of 6 parts:Customer Info Summary: Provides information about the customerCustomer Purchases: Shows the licenses for purchases of the customer for each product with suppor...

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Customer Groups

You can add specific customer groups to differentiate or segment your customers. As this feature is not necessary to use, it may come handy in several situations.

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Customer Permissions Guide

You can access the page for changing customer permissions by clicking on the "Permissions" link under "ADMIN -> Customers" in the side menu.Customers in Helpviser are divided into four groups accor...

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Guide to Customer Verification with Envato Login

In order to provide customer verification using the Envato Login button, you need to do the steps below:1- Go to the "Settings" page, click on the "Envato Integration" tab and copy the "Confirmation U...

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Mailchimp integration Guide

In your signup page, there is a checkbox: "I also want to subscribe to <Your Brand> mailing list".In your "Customers List" page, you are able to filter the Customers who are subscribed to the ma...

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How to Import Ticket & Customer Data from Ticksy

In order to import your older tickets from your Ticksy account, copy your API crendetials from Ticksy and paste them to Helpviser Settings.

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