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Getting Started Guide

If you haven't yet created an Helpviser account, please checkout this article for account sign-up instructions:Sign-up GuideIf you have newly created a Helpviser account, first you'll need to config...

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Sales Report Guide

The Envato Sales Report page consists of 3 main parts: Sales Summary: Shows the sales of today, last 7 days and last 30 days, comparing it with yesterday, previous 7 days and previous 30 days.Sales Ch...

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Envato Statements

In this page, you can access and filter the statements from your Envato account in detail. The link to this page is Statements menu item under the Envato Insights in the side menu.Display all the deta...

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General Insights Guide

This page is for comparing multiple data on the same table. The link to this page is in the side menu.You can compare the Envato insights data with other details such as number of tickets, Google Anal...

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How to Track Helpviser traffic with Google Analytics

You can track the traffic of your public pages on Helpviser via Google Analytics. Follow the steps below to add a tracking code under all Helpviser public pages.Firstly, create a new property on https...

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How to Integrate your Website / Product Page Google Analytics Data to Helpviser Insights

If you integrate your website or product page Google Analytics with Helpviser, you will be able to pull the data to Helpviser and compare this data with other information such as Envato sales or numbe...

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Guide to Customer Verification with Envato Login

In order to provide customer verification using the Envato Login button, you need to do the steps below:1- Go to the "Settings" page, click on the "Envato Integration" tab and copy the "Confirmation U...

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